Expat adventures

Thu, 23. Sep. 2021

The Saanenland is famous for its breathtaking scenery and slow pace of life, offering countless opportunities to relax and unwind.


Where to put excavation material?

Mon, 20. Sep. 2021

When building, construction companies excavate material, and there is a lot of construction happening in the Saanenland. This material has to go somewhere. Ecologically and economically, a landfill in close proximity makes the most sense.


Last Spa for BMW

Fri, 17. Sep. 2021

Two weeks before the race, I trained in the simulator, getting back my marks, sequencing, and focus. To some, the simulator might be nonsense or something of no matter, but I can tell by experience that it is a must to be prepared today.


The picture 6 | 2021

Tue, 14. Sep. 2021

"Many snails have already found their way into my garden, but I have never seen one like this before!" wrote Anzeiger von Saanen reader Silvia Reichenbach from Lauenen about this splendid specimen.

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Real Estate




Issue 6 | 2021

Wait, can this be the last editorial of this summer? Must be because of the relativity thing. Relativity of time – a wonderful concept to toy around with. Not as a theoretical physicist, way too complicated. No, I mean as a layman.