GstaadLife No 8 | Editorial

  29.12.2023 Editorial, Arts & Culture, Magazine, Lifestyle, Gstaad Living, Traditions

As we usher into the new year, the words of Charles Eames resonate: “Take your pleasure seriously.” In many a creation of Eames, I find a daily source of joy and a reminder to approach life with a serious commitment to material and philosophical pleasure.

Our journey to Saanenland began as a pursuit of recreational pleasure, an escape from the bustling city. Yet, what started as a temporary retreat soon became a profound connection, leading us to make Saanenland our permanent home. The transition from city life to the tranquil countryside may not be everyone’s choice, but the rewards are immeasurable for those who embrace it. Tino Zervudachi’s profile interview reinforces the idea that extended stays, even “out of season,” offer unique and rejuvenating experiences.

Reflecting on history, we uncover stories of resilience and lasting connections. In 1940, two young girls found solace at Marie José College during the turmoil of World War II, turning a short summer school visit into a four-year stay. The bonds formed and memories created during that challenging time highlight the enduring spirit of Saanenland. In this edition, Princess Nadja of Afghanistan graciously shares glimpses from her private album, offering a nostalgic journey into the Saanenland from half a century ago. As we step into the new year, let’s follow Eames’s wisdom, cherishing the pleasures that Saanenland offers. May our commitment to joy be as serious as the timeless beauty that surrounds us.

Jeanette Wichmann 
Editor in Chief

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