What does your dream home look like

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Your dream home should be about love, with attention to detail and a feeling for materials and proficiency. Our  chalet-building professionals are masters of their craft and use their tools skillfully. We will gladly assist you.

Entirely in Reclaimed Wood
Today, we take on the challenge of manufacturing the façade of entire buildings in reclaimed wood, even going as far as to recreate the typology of the past. Our work, created with naturally weathered surfaces of antique wood, often poses a challenge for the non-expert to distinguish a genuine old building from a reconstructed new building in reclaimed wood. This is a testament to our expertise, our high skill level, and the dedication we bring to each project. With our specialisation in this area and our extensive expertise and large stock of antique wood, we are well-prepared to meet these demanding orders, which require the utmost diligence from our team.

An Interior Finish that is Naturally Beautiful
Interior decorations using reclaimed wood have been popular for several decades. Today, the trend has shifted towards hand-hewn antique wood surfaces. Additionally, steamed larch or spruce with various finishes are now in vogue.

A well-planned interior finish, perfectly tailored to your specific needs and carefully executed, forms the heart of a home. It should meet all quality-of-living requirements, ensuring that you feel comfortable and at ease in your new space.

Uniquely Beautiful Chalet Constructions
Our traditional chalet constructions, a testament to our mastery of the craft, are a unique blend of old-world charm and modern comfort. We also build houses in new wood or steamed larch, but old wood is one of our specialities. Craftsmanship knowledge, passed down through generations in our carpentry workshop, is the foundation of our work. Each intricate detail, expertly crafted by hand or using modern machinery, maintains the time-honoured techniques of the past.

Every chalet we construct is a source of great pride for our company, and we are excited to share this unique experience with you.

Building with Sustainability
We aim to use as much wood as possible from the region or at least from Switzerland. We use photovoltaics to produce our own electricity, and we heat our premises with waste wood.

Arnold Reuteler Holzbau AG
Bodenstrasse 2, CH-3783 Grund b. Gstaad

Phone +41 33 744 23 20

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