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High altitude art

When bidding adieu to another interesting winter season in Gstaad, it's impossible not to reflect on the vibrant tapestry of art that has adorned our slopes and galleries. While skiing may always be at the heart of Gstaad's allure, this season has proven that our alpine paradise is also a haven for creativity and expression.

The influx of new galleries and the dynamic range of exhibitions may have transformed Gstaad into a cultural hotspot. From contemporary installations to classical masterpieces, our mountain town has embraced art in all its forms. Whether you're a seasoned collector or a casual enthusiast, there's something for everyone amidst the snow-capped peaks.

But it's not just within the confines of galleries where art thrives. The après-ski scene has also undergone a creative renaissance, with live performances, pop-up installations, and impromptu displays enriching the post-slope atmosphere. Gstaad's cafes and bars have become stages for local talent to shine, adding an extra layer of vibrancy to our aprèsski gatherings.

In this final issue of the season, we celebrate the culmination of these artistic endeavours. With thirty percent more pages than usual, GstaadLife we aim to capture the essence of our high-altitude art scene and preserve it for posterity. From highlighting emerging artists to revisiting iconic exhibitions, we hope to showcase the breadth and depth of Gstaad's cultural landscape. Visit our webpage for a detailed list of events and locations to explore.

Let's carry the spirit of creativity and exploration with us. Whether on the slopes or in the galleries, let yourself be inspired and see beauty in all that surrounds you. Until we meet again next season, may the mountains continue to inspire and uplift us, both on and off the canvas.

See you back in print on 21 June – until then, stay updated via our app or online platform. If you want to contribute to our stories and community, feel free to reach out on all channels fex Instagram: /gstaadlife_magazine or email me:

Stay cool,

Jeanette Wichmann
Editor in Chief

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