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  19.01.2024 Business, Magazine, Advertising

The GstaadLife news app offers you immediate access to up-to-date news, accompanied by interactive features and comprehensive insights into the articles highlighted in the magazine.

An increasing number of articles are exclusively available on our online platform, website, and news app. Some provide additional details expanding on the printed content, specifically tailored for GstaadLife subscribers.

Articles with a public service focus can be accessed without a subscription, ensuring that our English-speaking residents and visitors stay informed about the latest local news.

In 2024, we are excited to launch a new series of online-exclusive articles that delve into life in the region for both the young and old. These articles will be released in between the printed magazine editions.

GstaadLife on the Move
Shaped by feedback and ongoing communication with our readers, we have crafted this new format. Through continuous dialogue, we aim to evolve further, enabling you to carry GstaadLife with you wherever you go.

Download the GstaadLife news app using the QR code provided or find it on our website at

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