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  14.07.2023 Editorial, Local News, Business, Magazine

A matter of heart

Oh joyous tradition
Every year there is more than a full page of congratulations in the “Anzeiger von Saanen”, addressed to the young and motivated people who - with determination and hard work - have passed their professional exams and made the leap from apprentice to recognised professional. Congratulations are from proud family members but also from the employers of the newly graduated. I find that such a heart-warming act – and a joyous celebration of their accomplishment.

I went back up north to celebrate my nephews graduation from business school. Tradition dictates on the day of the formal ceremony, that the students travel in a decorated lorry through the town, visiting all classmates’ homes to be celebrated by the proud parents. For one weekend, Copenhagen is filled with these festive lorries and happy students singing their heads off. A celebration of a chapter ended and a new one just about to begin.

It takes a village …
I am proud that GstaadLife has been contributing to the collaboration of two small private charity organisations. That magazine can evoke such emotions in our readers and for them to reach out and support the good causes we believe in cement that we can accomplish something big.

Summer camps are being organised all over the valley; some are for the less fortunate, made possible by the ones who have a big heart and a passion for the cause. I look forward to a visit to some of them and I will tell you much more about it the upcoming issues of GstaadLife.

Change is in the air
The Gstaad Menuhin Festival has struck a harmonious chord by embracing a sustainability theme: “Music for the Planet.” In an era where environmental consciousness takes centre stage, the festival’s commitment to sustainability showcases a reflective understanding of the interconnectedness between art and the Earth.

By incorporating sustainable practices, the festival delivers enchanting musical experiences and showcases the feasibility of a greener future. From minimising carbon emissions and energy consumption to implementing eco-friendly initiatives, the festival exemplifies the transformative power of music in driving positive change.

With every note resonating through our pristine Alpine landscape, the festival wants to remind us that safeguarding our planet is not merely a distant must-do but an attainable reality. As the symphonies and concertos captivate our hearts, they inspire us to embrace a responsible environmental approach.

And on that note, I wish you all a lovely summer.


Jeanette Wichmann
Editor in Chief

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