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  29.12.2023 Advertising, Healthcare, Business

Clinic Les Alpes is an exceptionally private and secluded retreat. Located in a setting of outstanding natural beauty in the mountains close to the town of Montreux, Switzerland, the clinic has the added convenience of proximity to all major swiss airports.

This exclusive clinic is fully medically licensed by the Swiss Department of Health and treats patients and their families with the issues of substance and behavioural dependency, along with debilitating emotional and mental conditions, such as anxiety, stress, depression and burnout.

Clinic Les Alpes provides a fully integrated approach to treatment and each patient receives a bespoke programme created together with the medical team for his or her individual needs and requirements. The expertise of an international, highly skilled, multi-disciplinary team of medical, psychiatric, psychotherapeutic and complementary practitioners is on hand and available 24 hours a day, seven days a week to be of service to patients and their families who are referred from around the globe. The clinic is multilingual with the primary language being English.

Clinic Les Alpes is beautifully appointed and each of the private ensuite bedrooms has superb views of lake Geneva, the snow capped mountains and alpine meadows. Below the main chateau building, three floors have been excavated from solid rock, flooded with natural light and housing state of the art medical and therapeutic facilities along with a complete floor dedicated to a full medical spa.

Many services claim to deliver excellence. At Clinic Les Alpes we have set our sights on defining it.

We are here to assist. Contact us in complete confidence at:
+41 58 360 55 00 +41 76 304 15 58

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