The Ebnitmatte project for a future Saanenland

  19.01.2024 Local News, Local News, Gstaad Living

In response to the pressing need for affordable housing, a new initiative has emerged with a focus on compact, economically designed rental flats. The project, spearheaded by Hanspeter Reichenbach and the Ebnitmatte team, provides accessible living spaces for households seeking affordability. Emphasising simplicity in design, these new-build units adhere to a basic standard, ensuring a cost-efficient approach to housing solutions.

One of the key features of this initiative is the cost rent structure. Unlike conventional rental setups, the cost rent model is designed to cover essential expenses such as financing, maintenance, administration, and amortisation. Notably, the goal here is not profit generation but rather the provision of sustainable and affordable housing options for the community.

The emphasis on affordability is further reflected in the decision to construct only one garage space per flat. This deliberate choice aligns with the overall objective of keeping costs reasonable and within reach for potential residents. With its 60 rental flats, the project aims to strike a balance between practicality and cost-effectiveness, ultimately contributing to the overarching goal of affordable living solutions.

This housing initiative acknowledges the current challenges in securing affordable housing options for a diverse range of households. As urban areas continue to grapple with rising living costs, initiatives like these become crucial in fostering inclusive communities.

While the rental income generated from these flats covers the necessary financial aspects, it does so without prioritising profit margins. Instead, the focus remains on meeting the basic requirements of financing, maintenance, administration, and amortisation.

The Ebnitmatte initiative not only addresses the immediate need for affordable living spaces but also champions a new paradigm in housing development. By combining cost-oriented principles with a commitment to community welfare, this project stands as a frontrunner for future urban planning endeavours, underscoring the significance of accessible housing solutions in building thriving and inclusive communities.



In seeking investors for this venture, the initiative invites individuals and organisations to contribute to the realisation of affordable housing goals. Investors, by participating in this project, not only support a noble cauwse but also become instrumental in shaping the landscape of urban living in Saanenland. The appeal extends to those who recognise the societal importance of affordable housing and are eager to make a meaningful impact on community development.

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