Swiss Ice Hockey Extravaganza Delights Young and Old in Gstaad

  10.11.2023 Sports & Leisure, Events, OUTDOOR - HIKING - BIKING, Sports & Leisure

Enthusiastic young ice hockey aficionados and aspiring players alike eagerly anticipated the arrival of Sunday, November 5, for a unique training experience with the stars of SC Bern, EHC Biel, and Lausanne HC Féminin. Despite persistent rain, children flooded the ice after forming groups for the much-anticipated event.

In response to the inclement weather, the organising committee made the decision to scale back on-ice activities. However, six stations were still set up, featuring rotating posts. Each action in the passing sequence required the involvement of a star player, demanding flexibility from the ice hockey professionals. Navigating the waterlogged surface made moving the puck or ball a challenging task, necessitating constant "poking." Participants emerged from the ice, drenched but satisfied, eagerly anticipating the hot dogs that awaited them.

A Lineup of Talent

Unfortunately, SC Bern's Patrik Nemeth, nursing an injury from Saturday's game against EHC Biel, couldn't attend. While Finn Julius Honka of SC Bern made a brief appearance in Gstaad, he bid his "French" goodbyes in the rain, adding a touch of regret to the day. Nevertheless, the presence of Jere Sallinen, Ville Pokka, and Luca Hischier from EHC Biel, along with local player Melina Reuteler of LHC Féminin, ensured a memorable event despite the absence of a few stars.

Based on AvS | Erich Käser

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