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  08.12.2023 Local News, Shopping, Rumour Has It, Local News, Business

In the heart of Gstaad, where tradition meets a burst of youthfulness, Smith & Smith is not just another shop – it’s more like a vibe. Picture this: a place that’s as fresh as a mountain breeze, a mix of company and camaraderie, spirits and style. Welcome to a haven where it’s all about embracing the unconventional.

A Toast to Personality, Not Points

Owner Markus Lichtenstein says, “Numbers don’t define us. We don’t care if our wines score big; what matters is the character and style they bring to your glass. Whether you’re a punk or a fairy, our bottles are like personalities, ready to join you in every celebration – be it a wild party or a laid-back picnic.”

“Our winegrowers aren’t your typical crowd. They’re the cool kids who don’t follow the rules, just like us. Unfazed by critics and trends, they craft wines that are as cheeky as they come – organic, biodynamic, and all-natural. Say goodbye to sulphurs and hello to dancing wines and singing birds.”

Cheers to Drinking Different

Go see for yourself if his word holds true and if the shop is more than just a place to buy drinks – or, indeed a hub of character and community.

In a world where conformity is overrated, Smith & Smith encourage you “Drink Different” whatever that means! Based on my visit to the shop, I can personally vouch that it’s not just about the wine; it’s about the experience.

So cheers to sipping, savouring, and celebrating all of life’s unique flavours. Smith & Smith on Suterstrasse 4 in Gstaad is open everyday from 10am – 7pm. Season starts on 11 December. Make sure you do your Christmas shopping in time, as they are closed from 24 – 26 December.


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