Saanen Easter Concerts Spotlight Haydn's Trumpet Concerto & Rising Star Soloist

  28.03.2024 Arts & Culture, Events, Concerts, Music

Musical Brilliance: Experience the magic of classical music as the Saanen Easter Concerts take center stage, presenting a captivating showcase of talent and tradition. From the timeless melodies of Haydn's acclaimed Trumpet Concerto to the electrifying performance by rising star soloist Simon Gabriel, immerse yourself in an unforgettable evening of symphonic splendour. Join us as we explore the rich history and unparalleled virtuosity that define this eagerly anticipated musical event.

The upcoming Saanen Easter Concerts promise an impressive lineup, including renowned works by composers such as Felix Mendelssohn-Bartholdy and choral pieces by John Rutter, Daniel Schutte, and Jim Papoulis. Notably, the program will showcase Joseph Haydn's esteemed Trumpet Concerto in E flat major, widely recognized as one of the most significant pieces in the trumpet repertoire. But what sets this concerto apart?

Haydn's concerto, composed in 1796, stands out as his foremost work for a wind instrument and marks his final contribution to the concerto genre. Crafted upon his return from London, where he had gained acclaim, the concerto, with its brisk tempo and uplifting tone, spans just under 15 minutes. Though demanding for the soloist, it offers a rewarding showcase of virtuosity. Commissioned by Anton Weidinger, a skilled Viennese trumpeter and instrument maker, the piece was tailored for Weidinger's innovative keyed trumpet in E flat. This ground-breaking instrument, allowing for a complete chromatic scale, preceded the valve trumpet but posed technical challenges, ultimately fading into obscurity.

The Saanen Easter Concerts boast an exceptional soloist in Simon Gabriel, a rising star hailing from S-chanf in Graubünden, Switzerland. At nearly 16 years old, Simon has already garnered acclaim in the Swiss brass scene, securing numerous awards in national and international competitions, solidifying his status as an emerging international talent.

Audiences can anticipate an extraordinary performance showcasing the impressive skill of this young virtuoso. The Saanen Easter Concerts, featuring Simon Gabriel as soloist, alongside the newly formed Saanen Easter Concerts project choir and the Orchestra degli Amici under the baton of Deborah Reber and Michael Bach, will be held on Good Friday and Easter Saturday at 5 pm.


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