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A Journey Through War, while at Marie José College

In loving memory of Princess India d’Afghanistan, who passed away on 13 October 2023.
Nadja and her sister India’s arrival at Marie José College was a consequence of the war that commenced in Italy in 1940. At that time, the family resided in Rome, where the impacts of the war, including food shortages, were keenly felt. Nadja grew thin and weak, prompting her parents, King Amanullah and Queen Soraya, to make the decision to send Nadja and her sister India for a three-month summer holiday at Marie José College.

It was during the early years of the war, around 1941 or 1942, that the family faced challenges returning to Italy due to closed borders. The sisters spent several wonderful years at Marie José College during this period. It wasn’t until 1945, when the borders reopened that King Amanullah eagerly awaited their return on the other side of the frontier. In the last two photographs, the College Director, Mlle. Racine, and Mlle. Favre accompanied the sisters until the “no man’s land.” Both Nadja and India walked to the Italian frontier, reuniting with their family after an absence of almost four years.

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