Pôle Santé Announces New Leadership for Enhanced Health Services

  24.11.2023 NewsUpdate, Healthcare, Pays-d'Enhaut, Local News, Business

Exciting developments are underway at Pôle Santé du Pays-d'Enhaut as the Board of Trustees welcomes Yvon Jeanbourquin as the new Director General. With an impressive 35 years of experience in health management, Jeanbourquin is set to reinforce the health services offered to the local community. Having served as interim MD since May, his extensive background in both management and public health positions him as a key player in advancing the center's offerings.

President of the Foundation Board, Anne Weill-Lévy, expresses confidence in Jeanbourquin, stating, "His vision for the future of PSPE, along with his personality, interpersonal skills, and energy, convinced the Foundation Board that we had the right person to meet the challenges at hand. His expertise will be invaluable in enhancing our commitment to providing quality services to the Pays-d'Enhaut population."

In a dual appointment, Dr. Oana Manzanares takes on the role of Medical Officer for the Department of Geriatrics, working in tandem with a project manager to establish the community and hospital geriatric mission of the entire Health Centre. Jeanbourquin welcomes Dr. Manzanares, highlighting her innovative approach and global vision of elderly care.

The bolstering of the geriatric department addresses pressing challenges, particularly the ageing population in Pays-d'Enhaut. Jeanbourquin emphasises the unique offerings of Pôle Santé, spanning hospital, accommodation, and community services such as home care and prevention. The focus is on optimising home support conditions rather than relying solely on hospitalisation. Dr. Manzanares, with her background as an assistant doctor at Pays-d'Enhaut Hospital and extensive training in geriatrics, is poised to assume her role on December 1st.

Looking ahead, the Foundation Council reveals several upcoming projects aimed at solidifying Pôle Santé du Pays-d'Enhaut's status as a reference center for hospital and community health. The community will have the opportunity to learn more about these initiatives in a scheduled meeting by the end of 2023. Exciting times lie ahead as Pôle Santé continues to evolve and meet the evolving healthcare needs of the region.

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