Issue 1 | 2023 Editorial

  20.01.2023 Editorial, Editorial, Arts & Culture, Magazine

As I write this editor’s column, the snow has been falling the whole day, and the hysteria of the false snow dumping story from last year seems long gone. A storm in a glass of water, we labelled it, that with time hardly will be a bleep on the news radar. Nevertheless, the fake news caught traction; despite the lack of snow, the ball was sent rolling, and the media ran along with it, seemingly not bothering to fact-check. Alas, it is the old tale of 5 feathers – but today’s chickens seem to grow bigger thou with the help of social media. And fly away with an instant worldwide reach!

Speaking of reaching around the world: I find it an incredible number presented in the article about STS, our emergency rescue service. They have driven the equivalent of seven and a half times around the world in their attempt to save our lives. Impressive!

I experienced their professionalism first-hand when my neighbour had an accident at home. With a fractured bone, she needed immediate rescuing. Within a very short time, the paramedics arrived on-site, and they had even called for a helicopter as a backup. We might live far out and up – but it feels very reassuring to know that help is close by if you need it. No doubt about it – we all needed to come up and slow down after 2022. War and terror, energy crisis, financial instability and even more visible signs of climate change were the exit remarks. Please somebody, hand me a clean slate for 2023. But I find myself unable to say anything profound for the new year ahead – other than be kind and respectful of our region. We are already very good at thinking globally and acting locally. Let’s continue and become even better at building a sustainable Saanenland, that will stay authentic and at the same time strive forward.

Despite my lack of profoundness, I had the distinct pleasure of meeting Anne Rosat, and besides her being a fantastic artist, she also radiated an air of “positivity” that only comes from people that have experienced much love and determination in their lives. It was truly a remarkable visit. This instigated my new year’s resolution: to take a page out of Anne’s book (not literally thou as it is sold out) …and approach life with colour – because despite all, not everything is black and white.

Jeanette Wichmann,
Editor in Chief

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