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  27.02.2023 Local News, Clubs, Charity & Support, NewsUpdate, Gstaad Living

Whether local or part-time resident in Saanenland, there are many clubs you can join; one such is celebrating their 10th anniversary – the local branch of the women’s club – the Soroptimists.

Soroptimists, through their global network of members and international partnerships, drive change and generate opportunities to enhance the lives of women and girls. This is achieved by advocating for equality and equity, fostering safe and healthy surroundings, providing access to education, and promoting leadership and essential skills for a sustainable future.

This years newly elected president brought with her a new focus project that the club supports; All over Switzerland, many hardworking women sew heart-shaped pillows. These pillows are delivered free of charge to various hospitals in Switzerland and given away to women after breast cancer surgery. The cushions can be worn under the arm and relieve the operated area. They serve not only as physical support of women but also psychologically as a sign of solidarity and compassion during difficult times. Therefore, a new sewing group is currently being created in the Saanenland.

As an international organisation, all other Soroptimist Club members are welcome to the meetings. Club meetings are held every first Tuesday of the month and are in German, but that shouldn’t prevent you from joining.

For more information please contact:
Soroptimist International, Club Gstaad-Saanenland

Anita Huwiler/President: praesidentin@

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