GYC Ski Yachting Trophy: GYC Smokey Team Strikes Gold

  15.04.2024 Sports & Leisure, Events, GYC - Gstaad Yacht Club, Sports Recap

As boating season unfurls across Europe and the Alps brace for the thaw, the winter sailing community gathered once again in Gstaad for its annual reunion.

The 24th GYC ski-yachting event kicked off on Friday, March 8, offering its signature blend of ski racing and America's Cup model boat racing at Gstaad's swimming pool. Despite challenging snow conditions for the night slalom, skiers put their best forward to dominate the rankings.

Amidst a brisk breeze, participants savoured mulled wine and fondue around a campfire, basking in the shadow of the Swiss Alps. At the Eggli mountain restaurant, old friendships were rekindled and new bonds formed.

At evening's close, Gstaad Yacht Club's sailing admiral, Daniel Heine, presented the coveted cowbell prizes to the most consistent racers.

The spirited competition intensified on Saturday morning with a sailing clinic led by umpire Adrian Bauder. Competitive fervour pervaded the air as sailors brushed up on rules, tactics, and penalties, embodying the Corinthian spirit that defines the regatta.

In the final showdown, local rivals GYC Mistral and GYC Smokey battled for supremacy. Cheers erupted as GYC Smokey clinched victory, boasting former Black Star sailor Flavio Marazzi among their ranks. Patricia Matti claimed the Antonella Visconti-di Modrone trophy for best female racer.

The event also celebrated budding talent, inviting juniors to showcase their skills on the slopes and in the pool with Riva motorboats. Julian Schönmann and Marc-Oliver Müller from Saanen Ski Club emerged victorious in the junior category.

With the curtains drawn on this unique two-day affair, anticipation builds for the 25th edition of GYC Ski Yachting—a jubilant celebration poised to unite Swiss and international sailors once more.


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