Gstaad Art Salon has come to town

  16.02.2024 Arts & Culture, Events, Gallery & Exhibitions, Local News, NewsUpdate

Imagine strolling leisurely through the charming village of Gstaad, surrounded by its majestic natural beauty and snow-capped peaks; in this intimate setting, you will find access to the most important international art galleries. This is Gstaad Art.

We are delighted to announce the first edition of Gstaad Art, a new salon for modern art, contemporary art and design. Under the enchanting roof of the Festival Tent, the event will present around 20 leading international galleries. The first exhibition will take place on Saturday 17 and Sunday 18 February.


Prestigious artists, curated show: a rare exhibition

Discover collections from renowned international galleries. Gstaad Art will also launch its "CIRCUS series", curated this year by Piper Marshall and Kolja Gläser. Entitled "Artists' Scores, Scenarios, and Instructions", this exhibition presents around 60 artists, each offering a unique perspective on the artistic process, including Josh Kline, Goshka Macuga, Lawrence Weiner or Chloe Wise, from galleries such as Pace, Mendes Wood or Bortolami.

Thte organiser is also pleased to present special projects such as the installation "La souris et le chat" by Chinese artist Wang Du and the "Green Bird from Dreamtime" by Aboriginal artist Tatali Napurrula, proposed by the Fondation Opale in Lens.

Special exhibition: "CIRCUS series"

"Artists' Scores, Scenarios, and Instructions" brings together short form notations that can be understood as directives, scripts, poetry and advice. Some texts are scribbled on paper; some are typed and formatted. Other scripts are selected from magazines or generated with AI. Overall, the instructions invite the viewer to imagine an action, arrangement or even a process yet to be realised. The distinctive collection testifies to the wit and playfulness of the participating artists and welcomes the diverse interpretations of the viewers. "Artists' Scores, Scenarios, and Instructions" is exhibited in a scenography designed by the Parisian architecture firm Roll. The use of Gstaad Art's wooden stage as an exhibition venue further emphasises the performance implied by the artworks. In contrast to discrete artworks, the collected scripts invite mental reflection and sometimes droll physical engagement with everyday materials. Many of these instructions are humorous, such as the letter addressed to a young artist, which is left crumpled up to be picked up. Other works, such as the script instructing you to lie down and imagine you are floating, invite viewers to do so.

Ski, sausages and soirées

Beyond art, savour the Swiss way of life: Ski down the slopes, eat sausages and rösti, and dance the night away at our soirée! Gstaad Art is not just an art event, but a celebration of the finer things in life.


Pack your curiosity and join us at the Salon Gstaad Art for a weekend of art, laughter and alpine elegance.The exhibition takes place on 17 and 18 February, from 3pm to 8pm and admission is free.



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