GL Allmedia – Added Value for Our Advertisers

With GL Allmedia our advertisers can reach a wider audience than ever. Parallel to the print magazine, four additional channels distribute our advertisers' products and services:

  1. GL website
  2. GL mobile app
  3. GL ePaper
  4. GL TV

GL Website

Every ad from the print magazine appears continually in the ad rotator on until the next issue of the magazine is published, or one month after the last issue of the season. The website has a fully responsive desing, which automatically adapts its contents to the device of the user, be it a desktop computer or a smaller portable device. Readers can search the archive, write comments and make a target search within the ads. If you have your own webpage on your ad, the system recognises this and automatically creates a link. Thus, your customer is just a click away.

GL Mobile App

Thanks to the mobile app our readers can easily leaf through the ePaper or access contents from the webpage on the go. The mobile app makes the contents and the advertisements even more accessible on the smaller screens of portable devices than the responsive design of the website.

GL ePaper

The ePaper is ideal for everybody who likes to get the full dose of local information digitally – in- or outside the region. No matter if readers access the ePaper on a computer, tablet, or smartphone; it is fully identical to the print issue, including the ads. One click on an ad displays it reader-friendly and websites or email addresses in ads can be accessed directly from the ePaper.


GL TV present local, regional, and Swiss-wide news together with the ads from GSTAADLIFE and the Anzeiger von Saanen. The screens are located throughout the region in various public places, such as stores, hotels, or medical practices. Everywhere people spend their spare time or where they have to wait, your ad reaches additional readers.

Your advantages:

  • Greater Visibility
    GL Allmedia makes your ad available in a range of channels: in the magazine, on the web, on TV screens.
  • More Readers
    Your ad attracts the attention of additional readers who do not look at the print magazine.
  • It's Simple
    You don't have to do anything as an advertiser. Your ad will be automatically processed to be included in all the allmedia channels.

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