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  17.07.2023 Arts & Culture, Events, Gallery & Exhibitions, Arts & Culture

Embrace the vivid connections between exhibitions this summer as colours take centre stage. I welcome the vibrant palette that fills the air with pure joy. This season celebrates expressive art, and I, for one, am absolutely loving it!

Patricia Low Contemporary
Showcasing an exhibition in Gstaad featuring paintings by Lily Lewis and ceramic sculptures by Alice Gavalet. Despite using different mediums, their works engage in a vibrant dialogue, connected through thematic and graphic elements. Both artists prominently incorporate vessels like vases, chalices, and urns, playing with the concept of the female body as a receptacle. “Vessel State” from July – 13 August. (Promenade 55, in Gstaad)

Galerie Adrienne Desbiolles
Explore the newest gallery space in Gstaad (opened this winter 2023), a 3-floor must-see for contemporary art lovers. An exceptional collection of contemporary artworks by MrBrainwash, Richard Orlinski, The Nono Sisters and Elisabeth Sunday. It’s as diverse a range of styles and mediums as it gets! Open: July – September. (Promenade 25, in Gstaad)

Studio Naegeli
“Dreaming Away” is a boundary-breaking exhibition bridging past and future, East and West. It showcases works by Hannes Schmid, Jacques Naegeli archive, Yuri Kuper, Hristo Mavrev, and Anouk Sebald. With photography, installation, assemblages, and video, this expo invites you to let go of the past and immerse yourself in this captivating fusion of past, present, and future. Open: until 30 July. (Promenade 61, in Gstaad)

Gagosian Gstaad
The “Into Nature” exhibition showcases Setsuko’s latest ceramic and bronze sculptures, paintings, and works on paper. Having resided near Gstaad since 1977, Setsuko’s Swiss home at the Grand Chalet in Rossinière makes this exhibition a special opportunity to display her artwork in proximity. Explore the captivating world of Setsuko’s creations, where nature intertwines with artistic expression, right at her doorstep in Switzerland. Open: July – 10 September. (Promenade 79, in Gstaad)




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