Dominique London: A journey of passion ans success in the cigar industry

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In 2001, Dominique Gyselinck’s foray into the cigar business was a serendipitous journey that transformed into a remarkable success story. In this article, Dominique shares her journey, highlighting the creation of her latest shop in the picturesque Saanenland.

Dominique’s entry into the world of cigars was unexpected. Intrigued by cigars displayed in a Brussels shop that also sold exclusive pens, she sought guidance from the shop owner, Monique. Learning the art of cigar smoking ignited a newfound passion. Against scepticism, Dominique, alongside her husband Frédéric, ventured into the business, opening their first store, “Plumes & Cigares,” blending Cuban cigars with accessories and luxury brands.

The duo’s learning curve was steep, marked by the opening of stores across Belgium and the establishment of a “Casa del Habano” in 2011. The Dominique London group took shape, with stores in England and an expansion into Basel. Dominique’s commitment led her to become a certified Havana specialist in Cuba, further elevating her expertise.

Dominique London, named after the founder, has extended its reach to the scenic Saanen. The group plans a second store in the Canary Islands, operates a distillery and a hotel, and offers fine cigars and spirits.

The success factors, according to Dominique, are grounded in genuine passion and respect for the craft. She emphasises the meticulous process from tobacco cultivation to blending, stressing the importance of experience and love for creating a quality product.
Dominique’s role as a woman in a traditionally male-dominated industry has been met with challenges. Despite strides towards gender equality, prejudices persist, with many expressing surprise at a woman leading in the cigar business. Dominique reflects on her 2016 “Habanos Man of the Year” award, breaking age and gender norms, underscoring the need for women to assert themselves.

Despite the challenges, Dominique embraces her role, enjoying the positive aspects of her journey. She believes in living each day to the fullest, fostering a culture of positivity and enjoyment, emphasising that the pleasure of a good cigar is accessible to everyone, regardless of background or means.

The key to Dominique’s success lies in unwavering dedication, continuous self-improvement, and a customer-centric approach. “It is the passion that drives us – to create a welcoming environment, guiding customers through the diverse world of cigars and offering a unique experience in each store.”

Dominique’s Saanen store distinguishes itself by offering the expertise of Adrien Dalang, a Master Cigar Sommelier. Adrien’s journey into the world of cigars began at 16 when he smoked his first cigar on Lake Geneva. Guided by Dominique Boyer d’Arcachon, he delved into the transgenerational knowledge of cigars, leading him to become a cigar sommelier.

Collaborating since mid-September, Adrien aligns his goal with Dominique – a shared passion for cigars in luxurious settings. With a commitment to accessibility, he aims to make the art of cigars approachable.

“I am focused on creating a personalised experience. By asking questions about customers’ tastes, preferences, and even non-smokers’ favourite dishes, I will tailor recommendations to their individual profiles,” says Adrien.

Without a doubt, his expertise adds a distinctive touch to the cigar experience at the Saanen store, one puff at a time.


TASTING EVENTS by La Casa del Tabaco Saanen, your host Adrien Dalang:

Saturday 24.02.24 or 29.02.2024: "Fuente & Champagne"

Champagne & Cigar. Myth or pairing delight?

Let’s meet to discover the incredible story of the legendary brand Arturo Fuente.

• Included: 1 Opus X Double Corona, 3 glasses of champagne, history of the Fuente Family

• CHF 199.- /person

• Time From 5pm to 7pm

• 6 MAX

• Reservation: 033 744 92 91on


Saturday 16.03.24: Ladies' tasting night

• Included: 1 cigar (Arturo Fuente Rosado sun grown / Gran Reserva 8-5-8) paired with 3 whisky

• CHF : 99.-

• Time From 5pm to 7pm

• 6 MAX

• Reservation: 033 744 92 91 on

Thursday 21.03.24: Coktail & Cigar

How does a drink complement a cigar?
Let’s explore three completely different cocktail types, and you will then be able, depending on your preferences, to orient your next pairing.

• Included: 1 cigar (Quesada 75 anniversary) and 3 cocktails (Mojito, Old Fashioned, Expresso martini)

• CHF 99.-

• Time From 6pm to 8pm

• 6 MAX

• Reservation: 033 744 92 91or on

Saturday 30.03.24:  Blend Workshop: the Starting point for Success

Two years ago, creating my first cigar recipes was a tricky task. I didn't know how to interact with the factory and especially how to proceed. I had no knowledge of the different primary flavours and, for good reason, I had never smoked 100 % Seco, Viso, Ligero, or 100 % Olor, Piloto Cubano, etc. I quickly became aware that there was a multitude of tobaccos with a great variety of fermentations, all this leading to a multitude of possible combinations.

I, therefore, propose, based on my story, to make you discover the primary aromas and to give you some essential keys when you are a beginner and wish to create your first cigar. This workshop will also allow more experienced people to deepen the sensitivity of their palate and acquire a wider reading grid during their tasting.

• Included 20 pure grains

• CHF 995.-

• Time from 2pm to 5pm

• 4 MAX

• Reservation: 033 744 92 91 or on


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