Balancing the GYC activities from authors to racers

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The Gstaad Yacht Club continues to offer a diverse and enriching array of activities that cater to different interests and passions. From engaging book discussions to thrilling racing news, members of the club have plenty to look forward to.

On a Monday night in late July, the GYC hosted an extraordinary event with Kyra Dupont Troubetzkoy, the author of the thought-provoking book “Le Piège du papier.” The evening featured an enthralling dialogue between Kyra and Claude Terrin, where they delved into the heart of the narrative. The audience was spellbound as Kyra shared insights into the themes of sistership, friendship, the trials and tribulations of an author’s writing career, and the ever-present impostor syndrome. But the discussion didn’t stop at these themes; it also shed light on the invaluable role of local bookshops, often overshadowed by larger establishments. These unsung heroes of the literary world have a unique ability to ignite the spark of reading and love for literature in the community.

As the story unravelled the inner workings of publishing companies, it also offered a glimpse into the author’s own journey and aspirations. Troubetzkoy’s personality was in the spotlight during the interview, as the audience learned about her fascinating background and remarkable accomplishments.

Kyra’s professional journey was marked by her early involvement in humanitarian work and journalism. She volunteered for the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees in northern Kenya in 1995, where she witnessed the plight of refugees and the pressing need for compassion and support. She continued her volunteer work with the OSCE during the organisation of the first elections in Bosnia-Herzegovina in 1996. Kyra’s compassion and commitment also led her to assist Handicap International in Cambodia in 1997, where she saw first-hand the challenges faced by people with disabilities.

Throughout her humanitarian experiences, Kyra meticulously kept notes, knowing that one day, these valuable insights would form the basis of a book, t houg h the exact form of the book remained uncertain at the time. In 2007, Kyra took a leap of faith, leaving her journalism career behind to pursue her dream of becoming a full-time writer. During the interview, she brilliantly connected her childhood experiences in Saanenland to her present-day insights on societal behaviours and phenomena, using the lens of book publishing.

The GYC’s vibrant activities extend beyond the literary realm as they celebrate the world of sailing with equal enthusiasm. The racing team has been making waves, sharing exciting news from Switzerland to Spain and France. Among the team members, Anja von Allmen stands out with her ambitions to sail for Alinghi Red Bull Talent in the mini format of the America’s Cup in 2024. The return of Alinghi to the competition alongside Red Bull Racing has sparked tremendous excitement within the Swiss sailing community. Unlike in the past, the boat crew will now require Swiss passports, setting a new precedent for national representation in the prestigious race.

The selection events for the Youth and Women’s races are already underway, attracting top talents from Switzerland and beyond. Anja von Allmen, with her impressive track record, has been a European and world champion in the junior Laser boat class. Her determination and dedication are evident, as she aims for an Olympic medal and currently trains for the Los Angeles 2028 Olympics. Being part of a professional team like Alinghi Red Bull Racing offers her invaluable experience that complements her Olympic campaign.

Meanwhile, another GYC Racing Team member, Gauthier Verhulst, recently participated in the Test Event held in Marseille. This event served as a main rehearsal for the upcoming Olympic regattas in Paris 2024. Although Gauthier’s results may not have been headline-worthy, the experience proved to be invaluable. Competing in the ILCA 7 category, he faced a tough field of 42 participants and showed a solid performance, coming close to breaking into the top ten in various heats. The lessons learned from this event will undoubtedly propel Gauthier forward in his quest for excellence.

The Gstaad Yacht Club continues to offer a diverse range of activities that cater to both the literary and sporting interests of its members. Whether engaging in book discussions or racing on the high seas, the GYC community thrives in its pursuit of knowledge, camaraderie, and excellence.


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