A Symphony of Style- Antonella's Boutique

  20.12.2023 Advertising, Shopping, Fashion, Business, Lifestyle

Boutique Antonella stands as a testament to the enduring allure of personalised service and timeless style. Since its inception, Antonella boutique has evolved into a sanctuary for those seeking a unique blend of Italian classic fashion with a touch of bohemian spirit.

With a keen eye for colour trends and a strong commitment to offering high-quality cashmere, Antonella ensures that her boutique remains a beacon of distinctive fashion.
“I remain optimistic about the opportunities for independent labels, as our focus is lasting relationships with clients who seek uniqueness and individuality,” says Antonella.

New With a Touch of Elegance
As the seasons change and fashion trends evolve, the newest arrivals are an exquisite cashmere knit series that redefines fashion in Gstaad, blending the timeless allure of Italian classics with a touch of bohemian elegance.

Antonella’s Boutique
Promenade 9, Gstaad

Assorted sizes and colours are available.


Mirror, Mirror on the Wall
A cool and smart mirror combines a touch screen and mirror in one. Perfect for your home fitness room, bathroom, walk-in closet or even kitchen. See the “Magic Mirror” displayed at Boutique Antonella in Gstaad or AC DesignTech for models and possibilities.

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