GstaadLife No 5 | Editorial

  05.08.2022 Editorial, Editorial, Magazine

Oh, but my darling, what if you fly?

It is said in Saaneland that summer has arrived when the glider planes are soaring high over the valley – and oh boy, what a summer it has been so far. These gentle giants glide so effortlessly that it brings out a childhood dream of mine – to fly high in the sky. The view up there must be spectacular.

What is also unique is the summer vibe in the village, when happy concert goers spill out of the Saanen church onto the square after a mesmerising performance from one of the many talented names on the Menuhin program this year. The variety is incredible, and whether you are a seasoned classical music lover or a novice, going in jeans or an evening dress, please do go!

I often feel a stigma attached to classical concerts or art exhibitions – a doorstep phobia of some sort; “what if I don’t understand it”, or “can I just walk in from the street in jeans”? Sure, you can; Saanenland offers so many fantastic experiences that it would be a shame to miss out. It doesn’t matter who or what you are; there is something for everyone. This valley and its people have taught me that it’s all about engaging in something with someone. Go on a hike, see some art, wakeboard on the Hornberg, do the Summer Run or buy a cow (portrait!). Whatever, do it and dare to do so. Hope to see you out there.

Best regards,

Jeanette Wichman, Editor in Chief

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