Issue 4 | 2022 Editorial

  15.07.2022 Editorial, Editorial, Magazine

As I am writing my first letter as the new editor-in-chief, I continue to be amazed at how much is going on in Saaneland in July. Looking back at an action-packed week filled with blasting music from the tribune of the beach volleyball tournament and the enthusiastic audience cheering for their favourite teams. The vibe was amazing and very contagious, with more than 25.000 visitors in Gstaad – it felt like writing backstage at a rock concert.

Maybe Marc Stebler maybe also saw himself living at the beach at some point but instead ended up moving to Saanenland, heading the family business in Gstaad. We talked to him about tradition and still getting excited about a fine watch.

After two years of absence, the Menuhin festival is back with a fantastic and diverse program. Choosing might be difficult, but luckily, we got insider tips from the team behind the festival.

I look forward to a summer filled with many activities and cultural highlights, but sadly also have to say goodbye to my colleague Markus Iseli. As Editor in Chief, he transformed GstaadLife into what it is today, and the changes he made back then were vast – and the result of a forward thinker. Now he is off to new adventures where he will transform and develop a very interesting project that we certainly will hear more about – also in GstaadLife. I wish him the best of luck and success, and we will miss him dearly.

So I will carry on his legacy, and as I pick up the pen I too will put my mark on the magazine. Much like the Swiss author Martin Suter, I will take a page out of his book and strive to stay relevant and in doing so seek new ways of spreading the word and telling the stories of our valley.

Wishing you all a wonderful and eventful July......and most likely what seems to be a hot summer, so stay hydrated!


Jeanette Wichman,
Editor in Chief

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