Issue 1 | 2022 Editorial

  28.01.2022 Magazine

Changing the shape of the editorial does have a reason. We chose a more square shape this time to allow space for the ad below, which is important for the magazine. To the ones who actually read the editorial, I feel like adding a word or two.

First, do get in touch with me if this sounds appealing to you, or do get in touch with anybody you think might be interested. Your English is no worse (or much better) than mine and the region is dear to your heart? Then let’s find out about the possibilities and opportunities!

Second, it is an announcement, too, of course. I will be leaving the magazine next summer. But it is not time yet to thank everybody, or to say goodbye. So, let me make a call to action instead. Have you got a story for GstaadLife? Let me know, and maybe it will go into one of my last issues.

Best regards,
Dr Markus Iseli, Publishing Director

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