Issue 6 | 2021

  27.08.2021 Magazine

Relativity of (summer)time
Wait, can this be the last editorial of this summer? Must be because of the relativity thing. Relativity of time – a wonderful concept to toy around with. Not as a theoretical physicist, way too complicated. No, I mean as a layman.

Relativity of time is the kind of concept you can throw around because most people are unlikely to know better and you can still cover it up as a bad joke should some wise kid in the backrow doubt the validity of your own wise remark.

I found out, for example, that the whole concept of relativity correlates with the weather. I doubt Einstein thought of this! Now, I am not claiming that I am a genius... and I will have to leave it up to some other genius to come up with a proper formula... but...

Here’s relativity for you. The changeable weather and the rain made this summer go by faster than usual. I barely realised it was summer at all, except for the few days I literally got scorched. However, for some, this summer went by very slowly because they have been waiting and waiting, and still are waiting... To whichever group you belong, the summer was relatively bad.

See you next winter, which is just around the corner – in relative terms, that is.

Best regards,

Dr Markus Iseli,
Publishing Director

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