Winter Wanderlust: Gstaad and Lenk-Simmental Open Doors to Free Public Transport

  24.11.2023 Local News, Gstaad Saanenland Tourism, Bergbahn Destination Gstaad, Skiing, MOB, OUTDOOR - HIKING - BIKING, Sports & Leisure

Embracing the spirit of sustainable travel, Gstaad and Lenk-Simmental are breaking new ground by extending the complimentary public transport benefit to winter. With the Gstaad Card and Simmental Card, guests can now explore the Saanenland-Simmental adventure region with ease, from enchanting chalet villages to the snowy slopes.

This initiative, jointly undertaken by five transport companies and two tourism organisations, marks a significant leap toward year-round mobility for visitors. Starting November 2023, all overnight guests can enjoy this eco-friendly perk, amplifying the commitment of both regions to sustainability.

Sustainable travel takes center stage as Gstaad Saanenland and Lenk-Simmental Tourism unveil an expansion of the Gstaad Card and Simmental Card benefits into the winter season. "Our guests can now also use public transport free of charge in winter with their guest card," declares Patrick Bauer, Head of Destination Development & Sustainability at Gstaad Saanenland Tourismus. Winter 2023/24 heralds a new era where visitors can seamlessly navigate the picturesque Saanenland-Simmental region, whether for skiing adventures, cross-country escapades, or leisurely strolls through charming mountain landscapes.

Albert Kruker, Director of Lenk-Simmental Tourism, shares the enthusiasm, stating, "Positive responses from our guests have encouraged us to extend the offer to winter, enhancing the allure of our shared region. The expansion also bridges the gap between Lenk and St. Stephan, promoting even more sustainable travel within the region."

The initiative, financed primarily through visitor's tax revenue, aims to prolong guest stays and foster sustainable mobility. "The new offer is intended to increase the duration and frequency of guest stays. We are promoting sustainable mobility and fundamentally strengthening local value creation," adds Patrick Bauer.

As in the summer, all public transport providers in both valleys are included (MOB, BLS, PAG, AFA, TPF). The Simmental region, from Erlenbach to Lenk and the Jaun Pass, is covered, offering a comprehensive network for winter explorations. The personal guest cards of both regions also serve as passes on routes from Zweisimmen to Rougemont or Lauenen and up to the Col du Pillon.

However, travellers should note that for the four GoldenPass Express trains (GPX) between Montreux-Gstaad-Interlaken, seating capacity is limited in winter 2023/24 due to high demand, and no transport guarantee can be given.

In anticipation of high demand, seat reservations, especially for the GPX trains, are strongly recommended. For groups of ten or more, seat reservations are compulsory, emphasising the need to book early. Ski tickets and ski passes will no longer be valid for public transport in the Gstaad holiday region in the upcoming winter season as municipalities phase out co-financing for this offer.

Despite these changes, the local ski bus between Saanen-Gstaad and Wispile will remain free of charge, continuing its role in enhancing accessibility within the region. In Lenk, the Simmental Card's validity on winter public transport lines remains unchanged and is now extended to cover the entire Lenk-Simmental destination. The winter wonderland of Gstaad and Lenk-Simmental is now more accessible and sustainable than ever, inviting visitors to explore with a clear conscience and boundless freedom.




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