The “Stone Roseys” First Ceppi Cup

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Gstaad, 10-11 February 2024
It’s throwback Thursday, and we're looking back at some of the events that took place during winter.

For the first time, teachers from Le Rosey took part in the Ceppi Cup for curling on the second weekend of February.  Curling has become popular amongst the staff since they had their first lesson in 2023, and now they play twice a week at the local sports centre.

When they realised there was an opportunity to play in a competition, teachers approached the school for sponsorship, and the owners were happy to support them.  The Gstaad club president and organiser, Stefan Kamusian, was also very happy to welcome them into the tournament. The school team called themselves the ‘Stone Roseys’ after a British pop band of the 1990s.

Expectations were realistic! The team realised that the standard would be very high, even for a fun tournament, but they were determined to learn more about the game and win friends, even if they could not win matches.

Many experienced curlers took part in the ten teams from Gstaad and surrounding areas, including Zug, Bern, and Morges. On Saturday morning, the Rosey team played The Rolling Stones (a battle of the bands!). Later, the team played the Genau Freez, a team that included two former World Champions who eventually won the tournament. Although Rosey lost all four matches, everyone was very friendly and encouraged the team to improve. Another bonus was that the winners had to buy the drinks!

The final match, against Morges Love, was much more competitive. The Stone Roseys ended on a high with a four-point score in the final end, losing 8-5.

The team would like to thank Stefan Kamusian and the staff at the sports centre for making the tournament such an enjoyable occasion and Russo for their generous sponsorship. The Stone Roseys are determined to take part again next year and hopefully win more than friends!

The Stone Roseys:  Martin Leigh (Skip), Craig Foreman, Derek Hill, Sian Hughes and Ralph Tichler.

The Results Ceppi Cup 2024

If you want to try out curling, read more about the possibilities here:  Curling in Gstaad

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