The mystery of the missing goats

  03.07.2023 Cartoon, Local News

I imagined this the title of a gripping summer novel filled with intrigue and suspense. However, this particular phrase emerged from our AI image generator during the brainstorming session for this issue’s cartoon.
As the design team pondered the quality of AI-generated images, the editorial team delved into the question that has been on everyone’s minds: Will AI eventually replace the cherished articles and books that have always held a special place in our lives?

While the ever-wise ChatGPT couldn’t answer this existential quandary, another mystery begs to be solved: The curious case of the vanishing white goats from the two roundabouts in Saanen. Why were they gone for the whole month of June, what did they do and would they be back for the start of the season? I have taken it upon myself to uncover the truth!

Image Title


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