Supporting children in need

  26.02.2023 Local News, Charity & Support, Local News, Sports & Leisure, NewsUpdate

The Cura Children’s Foundation is devoted to supporting and caring for children and families facing difficulties. Despite the prosperity of Swiss society, there are still children who are victims of abuse, children with disabilities, and homeless children who are in need of help.

Three Women Making a Difference

The Cura Children’s Foundation was founded in 2020 by Carina Jones, Caroline Lo Faro, and former professional snowboarder Steffi von Siebenthal. These three women, all residents of the community, are determined to positively impact the lives of those in need. “Living in such a privileged environment, we feel a strong desire to give back,” says Carina Jones. Caroline Lo Faro is thrilled to have Steffi von Siebenthal, a world champion and Olympic athlete, as a part of their team. The three women want to be role models for their children, showing them that there is more to life than just materialistic pursuits. They also involve their children in their projects, hoping to instil a sense of empathy and generosity in them.

Winter Projects for Children
Recently, the Cura Children’s Foundation held a skiing event for two children from the Cura Summer Inclusion Camp 2022. One child has autism, and the other has cerebral palsy, but both had a wonderful skiing experience with the help of two instructors. The event was sponsored by a young boy named Louis, who, instead of receiving gifts for his birthday, asked for donations for the foundation. The following day, the foundation held a fundraiser event in partnership with JFK Ski Club to raise money for a MOTOmed Loop movement therapy device for the University Children’s Hospital in Zurich.

Breaking the Stigma of Hardship
Despite the need for support in their community, many are reluctant to ask for help due to shyness and stigma. “People are hesitant to admit that they need support,” says Carina. To combat this, the foundation offers anonymity to those who need help and only uses symbolic images in their communications. With this approach, the Cura Children’s Foundation hopes to make it easier for children and families needing the support they require.

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