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Fri, 27. Mar. 2020
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Reader's question GstaadLife replies

As a Swiss resident, can I travel to France?

The Federal Department of Foreign Affairs informs on their website that France has restricted travels within France as well as the entry of foreign citizens. Exceptions are made for travels for professional reasons, for medical reasons, for urgent family matters, for other urgent reasons, and for Swiss citizens who return to Switzerland from a third country through France. Any of these cases must be documented and justified when crossing the border. 

The website of the French embassy specifies: "All foreign nationals who do not have an urgent reason to travel to Europe and France must be refused access to our territory."

It is therefore unlikely that the French border control will let Swiss residents into France unless an urgent reason as defined above justifies the entry. It is advisable to consult the French embassy to make sure an urgent  reason to enter France is valid.

As a Swiss resident can I travel from France to Switzerland? With the necessary documents at hand, a return to Switzerland for Swiss citizens or Swiss residents remains possible.


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