On the Move

  27.12.2023 Arts & Culture, Editors Picks, Gallery & Exhibitions, Behind the Scenes, Arts & Culture

East meets West at Studio Naegeli with photographer and artist Hannes Schmid and painter and illustrator Mikhail Romadin.

This winter, Studio Naegeli Gallery presents an intriguing exploration bridging East and West, tracing the paths of two influential contemporary artists: Hannes Schmid (1946) and Mikhail Romadin (1940-2012). The exhibition, titled "On the Move," highlights a distinctive collection, including Hannes Schmid's iconic "American Myth" cowboys and previously unseen vintage prints from Mongolia. Witness Mikhail Romadin's celebrated oil diptychs, "Beauties" and "Artists," alongside his evocative watercolours and drawings capturing moments in Texas, Sevilla, Geneva, Monaco, Istanbul, and Tunisia. Experience an artistic dialogue between cultures at Studio Naegeli Gallery this winter.

Studio Naegeli  |  Promenade 61, Gstaad  |  www.studionaegeli.com

About Hannes Schmid:

Here's an interesting tidbit: Swiss artist Hannes Schmid, renowned for his exceptional photo essays, initially trained as an electrician. However, his true passion for photography emerged during a work trip to South Africa.

While he has worked as an advertising and fashion photographer for many years, Schmid began his career with travel reports but became famous as a photographer of cowboy photos for Marlboro advertising campaigns, which are now also found in the collections of major art museums.

About Mikhail Romadin:
He was a multifaceted artist, Mikhail Romadin was a Russian painter, book illustrator, movie art designer, and theatre artist, having earned his degree from the All-Union State University of Cinematography in Moskow. Noteworthy for its intricate density of detail, Romadin's work leans more towards surrealism than realism. Employing a cinematic approach, he skilfully incorporates close-ups, expressive angles, montage techniques, and dynamic compositional elements, creating a unique and captivating visual experience.

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