Julie's Bar in Saanen

  29.12.2023 Local News, Shopping, Local News, Lifestyle

Under the shadowy veil of a misty November evening, I encountered Julie as she meticulously affixed the logo to the door, prompting me to inquire about what "bar" she was opening.

“The goal of Julie’s Bar is to bring to the Gstaad community a well-curated selection of magical items, each with a story, thoughtfully considering their impact on the community in which they were made and the environment in general. The selection is eclectic, a bit surprising, and, most of all, inclusive.”

“As a California girl, I’ve included creators close to my heart, such as a ceramicist from La Jolla who manages to capture surf culture with a Japanese wabi-sabi aesthetic to a furrier in Paris who has upcycled pre-loved coats into small accessories exclusive to Julie’s Bar. I’ve included the only B-corp denim line as well as corsets made from antique tapestries and art books. Inspired by Agora in Ibiza, I’ve collected vintage and special party pieces that can be rented (thus recycled) for special occasions, as well as Terry de Havilland dancing shoes for a night at the Greengo.”

“As a mum, it was important to involve my children and their friends. I plan to feature artwork by local students and collaborate with two teenagers who are designing limited-edition hoodies to drop throughout the season.”

Julie hopes to create a community space for those looking for something different, from boarding school kids who need something other than fast fashion or status items to tourists who arrive not realising that they might need a sparkly gown, dancing shoes, or a unique gift for the host of a surprise dinner.

Opening on 31 December through mid-March. Visit on Dorfstrasse 73, Saanen.


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