GYC at the platinum pinnacle

  19.01.2024 Sports & Leisure, GYC - Gstaad Yacht Club

Being acknowledged as one of the Top 1% of all private clubs worldwide is a remarkable feat that commands the respect of the entire private club community.

Mentioning Gstaad’s Yacht Club often prompts raised eyebrows, with some questioning its existence. However, without bias, I can confirm, as a non-member, that it does indeed exist. With over 400 members from across the globe, celebrating its 25-year anniversary last year and hosting more than 100,000 guests over the years, the club has achieved significant milestones.
Notably, it hosts the Centenary Trophy and boasts of a highly successful racing team with Olympic candidates – an impressive accomplishment for a club without direct access to water. (And this is just scratching the surface).

Therefore, it brings me great pleasure to announce that in late 2023, the club received recognition for its tremendous and professional work, being awarded membership for 2024–2025 in the Platinum Club of the World.

In the acknowledgement letter to GYC, the Global Director wrote:
The Club Leaders Forum Advisory Board is proud to convey this official letter of congratulations to the leadership of Gstaad Yacht Club and its respected membership. Your management and staff, critical in delivering the optimal member experience, should also be acknowledged for their dedication and invaluable contribution in securing Platinum status.

It is with great honour that we acknowledge Gstaad Yacht Club as a Platinum Club of the World for 2024–2025.
This recognition is richly deserved and signifies your club’s esteemed position among the most revered private clubs globally. This accolade is a testament to your club’s excellence and merits a celebration befitting its prestigious status.

Over 1,250 clubs were meticulously evaluated and considered this year for the Platinum Clubs® of the World, Asia-Pacific, and Europe & Middle East election. Platinum recognition was awarded by the International Voting Panel consisting of industry experts, historians, and connoisseurs known for their discernment in recognizing excellence in private clubs.


CONGRATULATIONS! On behalf of GstaadLife, I would like to praise the Commodore, the board, and the hardworking team of GYC on this great honour. Out of 50 clubs worldwide, you are most certainly the one farthest from the ocean.

NOTE: Only the top 1% of private clubs in the world earn the honour of Platinum recognition. Platinum Clubs of the World are awarded in three categories: the Top 150 Golf & Country Clubs, the Top 100 City Clubs, and the Top 50 Yacht Clubs. The election of Platinum Clubs is transparent and confidentially managed by a third-party election official, with the results certified as true and correct.
Platinum status is the pinnacle of recognition in the global private club industry. The esteemed and well-travelled international Voting Panel, comprised of private club experts, historians, and connoisseurs, have spent a lifetime visiting the world’s finest clubs that demonstrate excellence and excel in the Seven Selection Criteria utilized by the panel in the biannual vote:
1. Universal Recognition, 2. a Respected Membership, 3. Excellence in Amenities and Facilities, 4. Exceptional Service Standards, 5. Adapting to Changing Times, 6. Management and Operations, 7. The Overall Experience.

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