Gstaad Concert Hall: Stepping Stone Towards a Major Goal

  22.04.2024 Business, Concerts, Menuhin Festival & Academy, Sports & Leisure, NewsUpdate

The municipality of Saanen invites you to an informative session on Wednesday, April 24th at 8 p.m. in the Gstaad parish hall titled "Gstaad Sports and Cultural Centre" (previous article published in GstaadLife 17 January 2022).

This session marks the first public unveiling of the planned project. Key stakeholders, including Sportzentrum AG, the Gstaad Concert Hall Foundation, architect Pierre de Meuron and the team, along with municipal representatives, will present the progress made thus far.

The Board of Directors of the Gstaad Menuhin Festival, represented by Hans-Ueli Tschanz on the Concert Hall Foundation Board and Building Commission, considers it a privilege to have been involved in the conceptualization of the Concert Hall's program from the outset. The Festival is committed to supporting the project and has agreed to rent the Concert Hall for seven weeks each summer for concerts and events starting from the planning phase, establishing itself as a crucial future user. Additionally, the foundation seeks collaboration with tourism industry representatives, local associations, and event organizers to develop an operational strategy.

This marks a significant step towards the Gstaad Menuhin Festival's critical goal of enhancing concert infrastructure for future generations. All friends, partners, and patrons of the Festival are warmly invited to attend the event on April 24th to receive firsthand information, pose questions, and share ideas.


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