GL Allmedia – Added Value for Our Readers

With GL Allmedia our reader can check news whenever they want, wherever they are. There are five different ways for you to find out about the latest news from the Saanenland:

  1. GL Print edition
  2. GL ePaper
  3. GL Website
  4. GL Mobile App
  5. GL TV

GL Print Edition

The print edition won't be easily replaced by new digital formats. With a printrun of 8000 copies GSTAADLIFE is sent to a majority of household in the region; it can be purchased at local newsagents; and it is available in many hotels and other public places. If you would like to have your own paper copy of the magazine, please subscribe here.

GL ePaper

The digital version of GSTAADLIFE contains the same contents and layout as the print edition. Select an article to get a reader friendly pageview adapted your device. Thus you get the best of both worlds, GSTAADLIFE in the layout you know coupled with easy to read texts on every display. For a digital subscription please click here.

GL Website

We keep posting synopses of the latest news on our website throughout the winter and summer season. Between the seasons, when there is no print edition (and no ePaper), we also post longer news items to keep you up to date. Flick through the archive or check out the latest ads from the magazine and the Anzeiger von Saanen.

GL Mobile App

With the GSTAADLIFE mobile app you get the same contents and services you find on our website onto your tablet or smartphone. The apps transform all the content so they are clear and easy to read even on the small screens of smartphones.


Don't get bored while waiting in the doctor's waiting room, queing in a shop or whiling away the time in a hotel. In over twenty locations our TV screens display all the local news and offers from and

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