Circumnavigating 7.5 times

  12.02.2023 Local News, Local News

In 2022, the rescue service of Spital STS AG was called out more than 7400 times and drove the equivalent of what is more than seven and a half times around the world.

The emergency rescue service is called upon around the clock. In fact, last year, 7415 rescue missions were carried out, which was 927 times more often than in the previous year. The number of urgent emergency dispatches with lights and sirens increased from 3085 in 2021 to 3462 in 2022. The paramedics of the rescue service administered more than 4000 infusions and were called out for 135 resuscitations.

To ease the burden of emergency dispatch, the services of the company easyCab have been increasingly used for transfer journeys between hospitals or transports to and from rehabilitation clinics. This division of tasks allows the rescue service teams, which specialise in rescue operations, to concentrate more on the main task of saving our lives.

The rescue service of Spital STS AG provides emergency medical care in western Bernese Oberland with over 100 team members. The service area extends from the Schallenberg over the greater Thun area to Lake Lauenen in the Saanenland. Last year, the emergency teams covered more than 306,000 km. This corresponds to driving more than seven and a half times around the world.



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