And so the cows went home

  28.10.2022 Traditions

The exhibition “Vehschau im Museum” was in many aspects a great success because it showed the exceptional diverse craftmanship in the toy making, the majority ofcourse carved in wood, but some in even in papmache displaying imense creativity. From abstract interpretations to a uncanny natuaral likeness, from prestine contitions to almost worn out - it was although clear the cows had one thing in common: they have all been very much loved by their previous (and current?) owners.

Artist, and long time patron of Saanenland, Grischka Bannwart simultaneously had her series of 10 cow portraits on display, and at the end of the exhibition the portraits got autioned off and all proceeds are donated to the museum. So 4 cows got a new home: one portrait was bought by a collector in the US and has already been sent off. Another portrait was been bought as a gift for a grand child as the first painting in a new art collection. If you missed the auction and would like to buy a portrait, you can contact the museum or GstaadLife and we will connect you to the artist. It's all for a good cause.



“Vehschau im Museum” - link to the article in GstaadLIfe No5 about the exhibition here
"The Bannwart 10" - link to article in GstaadLife No5 about the cow portraits here

Link to the Saanen Museum

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