End of season with podium finishes

  07.04.2022 Sports & Leisure

Björn Brand, a ski instructor from Gstaad, fought his way through all the snow sports disciplines at the Swiss Snow Happening and achieved an excellent third place in the Swiss-wide comparison. The demand on the versatility of snow sports instructors is enormous. In addition to a giant slalom, they had to perform on cross-country skis, on the snowboard and in telemark.

In formation skiing, the supreme discipline at the Swiss Snow Happening, the "Demoteam Nüschti Synchro" (Demo Team Luckily Synchronous) team, which is made up from ski instructors from the Saanenmöser ski school, made it onto the podium. They made it to third place in the final.

Lara Marti competed in the Swiss Biathlon Championships in Realp over the weekend. In the mass start she achieved rank 10, some shooting mistakes were not compensated on the track. In the sprint, she improved her national ranking in the elite category of youth women by another rank and finished the race in 9th place.

Her sister Lynn Marti finished 8th in the overall ranking in the Challenger category.

Based on AvS/Jenny Sterchi

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