Risk of forest fires

  29.03.2022 Local News

The risk of forest fires has recently been classified as "considerable" throughout the canton of Bern. The Office for Forests and Natural Hazards has updated the risk of forest fires. At the beginning of spring, dry leaves and branches from last year lie on bare ground, and there is dry grass on sun-exposed slopes and forest edges. All this is highly flammable fire material in particular since we are experiencing a very dry spring so far. Because temperatures remain still remain in many places, the risk is often underestimated.

The following behavioural tips apply

- Do not light a fire at all in strong winds.

- Only light fires in fixed fireplaces (with a concrete floor).

- Always supervise fires and extinguish sparks immediately.

Based on AvS

Further information at: www.be.ch/waldbrandgefahr

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