Refugee crisis: The municipality of Saanen sets up the "TF Ukraine" task force

  31.03.2022 Local News

On Tuesday, 1 March, the effects of the Ukraine crisis on the municipal administration Saanen were on the agenda of the executive board for the first time. One week later, the municipal council approved two donations. Last week, the executive board decided to bundle the diverse questions and challenges in the various internal administrative areas and to tackle them in a coordinated way in the future. For this purpose, the internal administrative task force "TF Ukraine" was installed. It pursues the following permanent goals, among others: Exchange information, identify challenges, regulate responsibilities, define measures, initiate communication, determine further procedures, clarify pending issues, schedule the next meeting.

Important to know:

- A link "Ukraine" will be installed on the homepage of the municipal administration Saanen ( The latest information will be posted there as of this week. For questions or concerns, the existing channels can be used.

- Notifications of accommodation from the population willing to help should be sent to the Bernese Oberland Asylum Association ABO at ( Other offers of help from private persons should be sent to the e-mail address

- No communal measures or offers will be made without prior consultation with the partner of the Canton of Bern responsible in this matter (Verein Asyl Berner Oberland ABO).

Based on AvS/Roman Gimmel, director of the municipal administration

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