Finally another The Alpina Cup

  03.03.2022 Local News

After it was cancelled last year, The Alpina Cup took place again this year. The organisers went for an all outdoors variety of the contest dueto the ongoing pandemic. At the ninth edition, the Gstaad team prevailed over the Le Rosey team in the ski race and the hockey match.

The two trophies in the shape of bells went to the students of Gymnasium Gstaad and the local hockey team. “We and The Alpina Cup have been blessed with beautiful weather,” Andrew Spencer, coach of the Le Rosey hockey team, looked back enthusiastically on the past eight editions at the award ceremony. The sun shone almost every time and everyone involved was delighted that the event could finally take place again after last year’s forced break.

And the sun showed up again when students from both schools competed in a giant slalom on perfectly prepared slopes at Wasserngrat. The course was set evenly, the base was hard but had good grip.

“A nice change from the lessons at school,” commented a pupil from Gymnasium Gstaad. The pupils of Le Rosey agreed: “It was terribly cold, but I don’t think I’ve ever skied so fast,” one of them said. Another student was grateful for the experience: “To actually race and race against someone other than your own classmates was really exciting.”

Some teachers from both schools also entered the race. While some were fighting for every hundredth of a second, others chose a “safety first” racing philosophy. In the end, they all crossed the finish line accident-free.

New organisation inspires
Back in the village, The Alpina Gstaad, the founder and sponsor of this event, was waiting with waffles and mulled wine. The bar tables were quickly surrounded and people enjoyed a tasty raclette. The dinner and prize-giving, which had previously been hosted by The Alpina Gstaad, was moved to the ice rink in regard of the protection concept. “We experience the young people as much more relaxed in this environment,” Brenda Zimmermann, director marketing and partnerships at The Alpina Gstaad, noted happily. “They move around much more carefree, seem more open, or let’s say more relaxed. It’s a great atmosphere.”

Revenge on the ice?
Dressed in ski clothes and warming their hands with mulled wine, parents and students watched the traditional hockey match. A fixed team from Le Rosey, supported by extremely sporty guests, demanded revenge for the results on the piste, which went in favour of Gymnasium Gstaad. With 9:2 goals, the local team made its triumph perfect and, after the bell for the best skiers, was also allowed to pick up the trophy for the hockey match.



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