Issue 2 | 2022 Editorial

  18.02.2022 Magazine

Left till last

There will be a touch of Hollywood in Gstaad soon. Or a bit more than just a touch… Roman Polanski will settle at the Gstaad Palace with his team to shoot a new movie: The Palace. People who are old enough to remember the work on The Return of the Pink Panther will reminisce about the good old days. Everyone else can watch it on YouTube.

We also look back to the good old days, remembering visits by Elisabeth Taylor and Jacky Kennedy, though the lead have two fabulous watches in this case. Talking about beautiful objects, there is no way around Menus Plaisirs. Congratulations for the 20th anniversary and many happy returns!

I hope you all enjoy the rest of the season. It is in full swing as I am typing these lines. And the best is left till last, at least sometimes. Maybe we get to enjoy a little more freedom soon. Stay safe!

Best regards,
Dr Markus Iseli, Publishing Director

Online update: Yes, we did get more freedom. I am sure we all enjoy it!

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