Praxis Madora now Medaxo

  28.01.2022 Local News

Medaxo has been running the Madora group practice in Gstaad since 1 January. For patients, the only difference is in the name: Madora Praxiszentrum instead of Praxis Madora.

The good news: all the GPs are staying. “The entire team headed by Dr med Nikolaus Hoyer will continue to be employed by Medaxo, thus guaranteeing continuity to all patients. Likewise, the two independent doctors, Dr med Claudia Sollberger and Dr med Beat Michel Sollberger will continue to offer their services in the practice,” wrote Medaxo.

With the looming shortage of GPs, the doctors at Praxis Madora decided to hand over the practice to the healthcare company Medaxo as of 1 January 2022, wrote Nikolaus Hoyer, Claudia Sollberger and Beat Michel in their news release. Medaxo had already been active in primary care up to the farthest reaches of the Simmental and “with their help, the hope of bringing new GPs to the region lives on”.

What does this mean for the health care situation in the region? The GPs of Praxis Madora/Madora Praxiszentrum summarise the situation in three points: 1) Nothing will change for the patients. The staff will remain the same for the time being, but this also means that no additional capacities will be created. 2) Doctors and staff will receive support for administrative matters and with finding suitable successors. 3) For the authorities and the GSS, this should not be taken as a relief.

The GPs of Praxis Madora/Madora Praxiszentrum are convinced that this step was the best solution under the given circumstances. “With the help of Medaxo’s commitment and network, we hope to find new doctors and give them a low-threshold start.” After all, simply quitting was not a solution.


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