New residential units

  04.01.2022 Local News

With the conversion of the former school building in Feutersoey, the municipality of Gsteig wants to use the potential of the building as a meeting place in the middle of the village.

After the school was closed down, cultural events, artists’ studios and private events initially ensured active use of the space. A business could also be won as a permanent tenant. But the potential of the space was far from being exploited. Last but not least, the maintenance costs could only be generated with difficulty and later not at all.

The increasingly difficult rental of the rooms in the school building as well as the lack of continuity in their use prompted the municipality of Gsteig to put together a project group to look into the possible conversion of the Feutersoey school building.

Seven flats and a playground
Now seven flats are planned, for the local population and especially for older people. The conversion measures will make the new spaces very attractive. Each flat will have access to a balcony. The existing lift will make living on the upper and top floors easier. “The advantages are obvious. With its central location and the bus stop in the immediate vicinity, the old school building offers optimal accessibility,” explained vice president of the municipality Tom Schild.

Although the playground will be relocated, it will remain and continue to provide opportunities for people to meet. People can also chat in the shop next door. In addition, the future residents will be able to get the things they need without having to rely on outside help or a car. “If the offer is not completely exhausted by older people, the flats will certainly be open to other citizens as well,” adds Schild.


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