The Infinity Tiara

  24.01.2022 Lifestyle

The extraordinary Infinity Tiara is an intricately crafted, incredibly complex design that swirls skywards in spirals of scintillation. The tiara is all the more magnificent for its crowning glory: the record-breaking Infinity Diamond.

The 373 carat diamond
The heart shape Infinity Diamond was cut and polished by Graff from the 373 carat rough diamond discovered in Botswana. Once part of the legendary 1,109 carat Lesedi La Rona diamond, it was the 14th largest gem-quality diamond uncovered this century at the time of discovery.

Analysing the rough diamond
Revealing the Infinity diamond took many months of undivided expert attention. Before the first cut could be made, Graff’s experts examined the 373-carat diamond from deep within, mapping its precise structure and identifying the tiniest of flaws. The analysis revealed that a heart shape diamond was hidden inside, the magnitude of which had never been seen before.

Polishing the heart shape
A master cutter with more than 40 years’ experience was tasked with transforming the 373 carat diamond. The heart shape is among Graff’s most iconic diamond cuts and one of the most difficult to master. This challenge was made even more daunting by the sheer size of the rough diamond. Graff’s master cutter finessed the polished diamond until it was completely symmetrical, with an impeccably sharp point, flawless facets, and an aesthetically beautiful cleft, which took six weeks alone to refine. After more than a year, the diamond was ready to be unveiled.

Making diamond history
A triumph of diamond mastery, the heart shape diamond was an exquisite marriage of brilliance and beauty. Certified by the GIA as D colour, VVS1 clarity and weighing an astonishing 157.80 carats, it was officially the largest heart shape diamond of its grade in the world. In honour of the Graff family’s infinite love of diamonds, the record-setting stone was named The Infinity.

Designing a masterpiece
Anne-Eva Geffroy, design director at Graff, had just one creation in mind as soon as she set eyes upon The Infinity. Taking inspiration from the heart shape stone’s opulent curves, it was a jewel of exquisite grandeur – a tiara like no other, crowned with the peerless Infinity Diamond.

The star attraction
When the time came to set The Infinity, it was examined from every angle to ensure that the bespoke mount, uniquely created for this incomparable diamond, perfectly enhanced the brilliance emanating from deep within the heart shape stone. Accompanied by another 18 heart shape diamonds, suspended within the looping swirls, upon its completion, this majestic jewel was named the Infinity Tiara, in celebration of the record-breaking diamond at its heart – a defining moment in Graff’s history. “At 157.80 carats, The Infinity is one of the largest heart shape diamonds in the world and outstanding in every way,” says design director Anne-Eva Geffroy. “Displaying exceptional clarity and a top D colour, it is simply breathtaking, and the fact that it was once part of the historic Lesedi La Rona only serves to reinforce its rarity and importance. Hold The Infinity in your hand and it is impossible not to be moved by its majesty.”

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