Issue 7 | 2021 Editorial

  20.12.2021 Magazine

Our fortress

I remember all too well, how the perfect winter got ruined by rain last year, shortly after I praised the glorious weather in the January editorial.

Don’t get me wrong. Neither am I superstitious, nor do I cultivate the kind of hubris to believe that my editorial was tempting fate, the gods, or any other supernatural entity and let it rain. Nevertheless, I decided to enjoy the massive amounts of snow that cover mountains, hills, and meadows silently this time.

It must be said, though, that the snow still has the same assuaging effect as the pandemic is – again – spiraling out of control. And I discovered a new aspect, slightly different from the obvious outdoor leisure options.

I had to clear our driveway so many times over the past week, that the snow literally piles up all around the chalet, parking lots and the driveway. Leaving and coming feels like going through the access to a fortress.

With the world still in turmoil, I must admit that I appreciate and enjoy our little white fortress. We are not locking ourselves up, but it’s good to have a refuge. And even if I may be tempting the gods now: I do hope it will stay until the pandemic is over – or maybe just March... yes, March would be fine!

Best regards,

Dr Markus Iseli,
Publishing Director

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