Booster vaccines available in the canton of Bern

Mon, 15. Nov. 2021

The GSI asks the population to again strictly adhere to the physical distance and general hygiene measures. Those interested can register for booster dose from 15 November. 

The transmission of the coronavirus happens unnoticed and very quickly, whether through the air we breathe (aerosols) or through droplets on our hands or objects, writes the Health, Social and Integration Directorate GSI. "Strict hand hygiene and wearing masks where necessary will help a lot to slow down the spread of the virus."

Test and vaccinate
The GSI strongly recommends getting tested at the slightest sign of a possible infection. "Parents should not send children with symptoms of illness or cold to school and should not allow contact with other children or adults again until the Corona test has been done." To prevent the virus from being increasingly introduced into old people's and nursing homes, the GSI asks visitors to the homes to be extremely cautious.

To prevent the rising number of cases from directly affecting the number of hospital admissions, the GSI recommends getting vaccinated against severe outcomes of Covid-19.

Booster dose in the canton of Bern
Since Monday, 8 November, text messages and letters have been sent out with information on booster vaccines. After receiving the information, people can register for the booster dose from 15 November 2021. The VacMe application has been expanded for this purpose.

The old people’s homes and nursing homes have already been able to order vaccines for the booster doses since 8 November. "These vaccinations are organised and quickly carried out by the old people's and nursing homes and the responsible home doctors in order to protect the residents," the GSI notes.

Jabs in pharmacies
According to the GSI, there is now no upper age limit for Covid-19 vaccinations in pharmacies. All healthy people aged 16 and over are permitted to be vaccinated (this information is also valid as a correction to the information in the official gazettes of the canton of Bern, in which vaccinations in pharmacies from 12 years of age were erroneously communicated).

Pharmacies can also administer booster doses. If the original mRNA vaccine is not available, another mRNA vaccine can be administered – with the consent of the person willing to be vaccinated.

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