The 17th Topschau – a crowd puller for friends of cattle breeding

Mon, 08. Nov. 2021
Topschau in Schönried (Photograph: Vreni Müllener)

The cattle breeding associations of Saanenmöser, Saanen and Gruben, together with the Saanenland cattle breeders association, were pleased to invite the public to the 17th Topschau after a two-year break. Once again it was a show that impressively demonstrated that the milked cattle in the mountain region enjoy family ties. Onlookers from three generations made the pilgrimage to Schönried to witness the most beautiful cows in the Saanenland.

Under the direction of the OC president Matthias Reichenbach, the breeders of the three cattle breeding associations from the Schönried area set up the appropriate infrastructure. A spacious show ring was created on the cattle show grounds, lined with straw bales as seating for young and old. A traffic and parking concept was devised and worked perfectly. High-pressure cleaners were available for cleaning the animals. Helpers who disposed of the manure and directed the cars to the right parking spaces were hired from the own ranks. There were opportunities to enjoy wonderful food at various stalls and in the open marquee.

Young boys and girls, women and men took care of the animals and gave the fur or the white tail the final touch. They examined the whole animal once more to see if everything was as it should be before they calmly and skilfully presented their favourites in the ring. Sandro Schmid from Guggisberg, as ringman, inconspicuously ensured that everything ran smoothly in the arena.

The judge Niklaus Leuthold had to decide in a short time which animals best embodied the breeding objective of the respective breed. The large selection of animals presented as worthy of exhibition placed high demands on the cattle show expert from Riffenmatt, all the more so as decisions had to be made quickly and reasons given for the decisions afterwards.

Just to give our international readership an idea of what these beauty queens have to show, here are some key features of a price-worthy cow. The upper back line and the inclination of the pelvis play an important role in the type characteristics. So does the angulation of the legs and the quality and health of the joints. A healthy udder shows its veins, a smooth transition to the body the central ligament. The teats must be correctly and regularly placed under the quarters and have an ideal shape to be milked.

The organising cattle clubs and the VVdS succeeded in organising a worthy show despite special requirements. An appreciative audience visibly enjoyed being together with like-minded people and discussing cows, the weather and whatever else moves the farmer's heart.

Based on AvS/Vreni Müllener



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