Large kitchen in Sport Lodge

Mon, 23. Aug. 2021

Several groups have decided against staying at the Sport Lodge in Gstaad because of the lack of a large kitchen. Therefore, both the real estate commission and the municipality of Saanen recommend installing such a kitchen.

Experience has shown that the need for a catering kitchen in the Sport Lodge Gstaad accommodation buildings is evident. The operator, Sportzentrum Gstaad AG, reports that many groups withdrew their requests in the past after they had learned that large groups could not cook their own meals on site.

The original idea of catering for the groups in cooperation with the surrounding hotels and restaurants often proved impractical for cost reasons. The planning of a camp stay usually involves a tight financial plan. Costs must remain manageable for schools as well as clubs and not least for each participant. Eating out three times a day simply becomes too expensive for many after a week.

Existing infrastructure is not sufficient
Even the preparation of a breakfast for a group of 50 people exceeds the capacity of the existing small kitchens. Eventually, the initial fear that the lack of self-catering facilities would reduce the attractiveness of the Sport Lodge Gstaad for large groups has, unfortunately, come true.

The installation of a catering kitchen makes the accommodation of large groups much more attractive, even if individual guests are also staying at the Sport Lodge Gstaad. Sportzentrum Gstaad AG is sure that the self-catering facilities will make the Sport Lodge Gstaad more attractive for groups and camps, for whom it had been designed in the first place.




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